An unexpected pairing

After you’ve been doing food and beer pairings for a while, your brain makes connections at random moments.  You’ll find yourself eating a cookie and thinking “Hmm, I wonder what this would be like with…” and then checking your beer stash. That’s what happened to me recently.

The smell of gingerbread cookies and molasses hung in the air while we waited impatiently for them to cool down to eating temperature. As I pondered the ingredients I quietly cursed my inability to drink coffee, as it would have been the perfect accompaniment to home made gingerbread cookies.

Hang on, though. Coffee. Stout. What stout do I have that would do this? Founder’s Breakfast Stout.

Yes, people: Founder’s Breakfast Stout plus gingberbread cookies is a dynamite pairing. You know you want to….!

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