Beer tastings and dinners

Private tasting parties are a great way to learn more about beer, and to find out what beers you like. They’re also a lot of fun! Gather some friends, sample a beer, discuss what you think, learn about the brewing style and history and get even more recommendations!

They can be tailored to suit the occasion or the person: whether you’re bewildered by all the new choices, wanting to expand beyond your comfort zone, or new to the beer world, Stuart can help guide you. Although he specializes in Alabama beers, he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of both American and European beers. There really is something for everyone! مراهنات نوروز

Groups of 1-4 people
Stuart will bring at least 6 different beers for you to try.
$20 per person, with a minimum charge of $40.

Groups of 5-10 people
Stuart will bring at least 8 different beers for you to try.
$15 per person.

Groups of 11-20 people
Stuart will bring at least 10 different beers for you to try.
$13.50 per person.

Beer consultations

Do your eyes glaze over when you check out the menu at your local beer bar? Stuart can guide you through the menu, explaining different types and styles of beer, and helping you choose beers you might like. Contact him for more information.

“For flexibility and variety in food pairings,
I’d take beer over wine any day”

Beer dinners

Stuart can plan menu and beer pairings, and/or conduct beer dinners for you, giving you the benefit of his expertise with both culinary flavors and beer to create an enjoyable and memorable evening for you and your guests. Pricing varies, depending on requirements.

Want to conduct your own beer dinner?

If you would like to have a more informal beer dinner, but want some help planning the beer and food pairings, just contact Stuart and he’ll work with you and your budget to find the most interesting and tasty pairings. Pricing varies.


If you’d like someone to come speak to your group about beer styles, Alabama’s beer history, beer politics, the Free The Hops grassroots effort, the economic impact of local breweries, or anything else beer-related, contact Stuart. He has previously spoken in venues as varied as Gardendale library and the University of West Alabama/Black Belt Museum, and can ensure a relevant and entertaining presentation, whatever the audience. المنتخبات الفائزة بكاس العالم

Please note: Stuart is based in the Birmingham area. If your event is more than 30 miles away, there may be an additional mileage charge. موقع ألعاب اون لاين