How did you get started in this? قنوات بي اوت سبورت

The short version: through Free the Hops. I was the President between 2007-2010, and since then have been concentrating more on beer education in Alabama. ارقام الروليت

Do you only know about Alabama beer? لعبة الدومينو المصريه اون لاين

No, I have a great deal of experience with beers from all over the U.S., Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom.  I prefer to concentrate on local beer because we have an exciting new market right here, with over 9 Alabama breweries open right now, with brewers who each have a different leaning.  We’ve got some of the best new beers here in our very own state, and I want people to learn about them and enjoy them!

Do you do parties?

Yes!  If you, or a friend, wants to learn more about craft beer, I can conduct a private tasting for you or simply meet you at a local beer bar to help you discover which beers and beer styles you like.

What else do you do?

I can plan and conduct beer tastings, beer and food pairings, and beer dinners, working with retailers, restaurants and bars to get the best pairings for your event.

How can we get you to run a tasting for us?

Use my Contact Form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Make sure you tell me where and when you plan to hold it!</p