Calories in beer

With the recent announcement from the regulating authorities that brewers may, if they wish, provide calorie information, how will that affect craft breweries when consumers see the calorie count?

These figures are calculated by Beersmith, and are subject to natural variations in ingredients, but let’s take a look at a standard 12 oz serving, shall we?

Beer style Ave. calories in 12 oz
American macro lager 145
Belgian Pale Ale 175
Belgian Triple 329
Czech Pilsner 170
Dry Irish Stout 155
English Cask Bitter 118
English Pale Ale 160
Light American macro lager 100
Scottish 70 Shilling 120
Sweet Stout 194

All the traditional recipes listed above are what we would consider “craft beer” – their ingredients are water, malted barley, hops, yeast, and occasional adjuncts like wheat. They demonstrate a wide variety of flavors and food sympathies. And some of them are almost as low in calories as the mass brand “light” beers marketed as “American beer”.

The simple equation most commonly used is “more alcohol = more calories”. But reducing the number of calories imbibed does not mean having to accept a watered down version of an already bland and flavourless breed of beer-flavoured beverage – just choose your drink wisely, and have only one or two. Moderation means a cheaper night out as well as being better for you.

Enjoy your drinks responsibly, and choose craft. Local craft, of course!

Some examples:

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