Straight To Ale Laika Imperial Stout

Straight To Ale Laika Imperial Stout
9.75% ABV
Poured from: bomber

Appearance: jet black. Motor oil and used molasses. Thin off-brown head. Occasional sound of photons dying in agony as they hit the surface of the beer.

Smell: very complex. Coffee, almonds?, caramel? savory nuts? It smells absolutely divine!

Taste: starts with almond/nut? Coffee, sweetness, broad-palate restrained bitterness, subtle hints of intensely dark chocolate. Good gravy, it’s complex. If you take your time allowing the nectar to slide slowly down your throat, a dark citrus hop snap expresses itself in the middle of your tongue. فريق مان سيتي As each of these characteristics express themselves, this already complex beer just expresses more depth and complexity. اليورو بطولة 2022 It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Mouthfeel: this is a *thick* beer. It is dense and densely silky, with the carbonation struggling to enliven this beer and stop it from being a thick layer of dense deliciousness across your tongue. As it is,the carbonation allows a subversive hint of lightness to sneak in, allowing a darkest of dark chocolate taste to express itself at the very back of your throat.

Aftertaste: dark roast coffee, dark chocolate, subtle hints of evil? كاس كوبا امريكا 2022 Occasional visits from hop bitterness. A zingy, almost citrussy tingle lies across the tongue.

As it warms: we served this beer at cool room temperature, so it was pretty much at the right temperature for such a dense beer. The silky richness keeps on slapping you in the mouth, powering through to a coffee/chocolate/hop flavor.

Overall: massive kudos to the guys at STA. They have produced my perfect RIS.

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