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Curry and beer

Although many people find it strange to pair anything other than a traditional lager/pilsner with a curry, there are many different options available to the more adventurous. Just remember: making the wrong choice won’t lead to disaster! (They lead to

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Video review: Beer Engineers Peanut Butter Porter

Video review of BE Peanut Butter Porter Changing things up a bit by doing a thoroughly irreverent video review with my buddy Joseph Baker wherein we touch on a little of the BS that breweries go through to get their

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Pairing beer and cheese

I love being asked unexpected questions about pairing beer and food, so when I got a request from a distributor to put together some pairings for a segment on a local TV station (ABC 33/40) I jumped at the challenge:

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Beer float

I thoroughly enjoy making people feel confused about beer.  There are so many preconceptions about beer caused by the advertising for mass brands that saying two words – “beer float?” – makes people come to a shuddering halt. Their confusion

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Cheesecake and beer

When I mention pairing dessert and beer to people, I get some very weird looks. Once I explain that dark beers – porters and stouts – have a flavour profile that is very much like coffee, the same people become

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Thanksgiving pairings

Thanksgiving meals, like Christmas, have a number of challenges when it comes to pairings. The turkey is sweet but can be rather flavourless. Sweet potato casserole can be extremely sweet indeed. There tends to be a lot of butter floating

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Alabama brewed beer dinner

At a somewhat quieter than usual Beer 101 tonight, I had the chance to talk with the chef and tweak the pairings as I went along. I was quite pleased with the results… Seafood Gumbo with Olde Towne Amber If

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