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  • Beer float

    I thoroughly enjoy making people feel confused about beer.  There are so many preconceptions about beer caused by the advertising for mass brands that saying two words – “beer float?” – makes people come to a shuddering halt. بيت 365 Their confusion comes from the concept of adding ice cream to a mass lager. That […]

  • Cheesecake and beer

    When I mention pairing dessert and beer to people, I get some very weird looks. Once I explain that dark beers – porters and stouts – have a flavour profile that is very much like coffee, the same people become curious and willing to try something new. Guinness, despite being the name everyone recognises, is […]

  • A new take on Guinness cake

    Too many people are willing to accept watery mass brands for their drinking pleasure, simply because of advertising. granada vs real madrid They carry that through into their cooking as well. I refuse to accept this – that’s why I became involved in beer culture – so I kicked this recipe up a notch by […]