Month: October 2012

  • Breweries making a difference

    Avondale Brewing, in Birmingham, has already transformed its neighborhood. كيف احصل على فلوس باسرع وقت First they converted an old firehouse to become their brewery and taproom, and then they offered 6 months of free rent to a local business which would both complement and augment the local area, with the aim of recreating a […]

  • Beer float

    I thoroughly enjoy making people feel confused about beer.  There are so many preconceptions about beer caused by the advertising for mass brands that saying two words – “beer float?” – makes people come to a shuddering halt. بيت 365 Their confusion comes from the concept of adding ice cream to a mass lager. That […]

  • Cheesecake and beer

    When I mention pairing dessert and beer to people, I get some very weird looks. Once I explain that dark beers – porters and stouts – have a flavour profile that is very much like coffee, the same people become curious and willing to try something new. Guinness, despite being the name everyone recognises, is […]

  • Chili and stout

    Everyone has their favourite chili recipe. And why wouldn’t you? A meltingly tender stew of mixed meats, and/or veggies, and/or beans, it can be a gourmet feast, a magnet for leftovers, or an acknowledgement that there is too much month left at the end of your pay! How can you incorporate a nice beer into […]

  • Thanksgiving pairings

    Thanksgiving meals, like Christmas, have a number of challenges when it comes to pairings. The turkey is sweet but can be rather flavourless. Sweet potato casserole can be extremely sweet indeed. There tends to be a lot of butter floating around, as well as cranberry sauce, gravy, and (at least in my household!) mustard sauce, […]

  • How to drink beer

    People have been drinking beer for millennia, why do I think I need to explain how to drink beer?! This post is necessary because, sadly, advertising of the mass brands has led people down a fatally wrong path.   The difference with real beer Real beer is meant to be sipped and savoured from a glass, […]